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These are Samples of what I can do. I do not participate in any so-called working interviews without compensation (I refuse to work off the clock).

Document Conversion

A few years ago, my area’s transit agency needed to shut down bus service ahead of severe winter weather. I took the image tables they produced, which have no structure and no defined layout, and convert them to a document that is fully WCAG and Section 508 Compliant.

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There are plenty of times I get an email out of the blue that is a job lead. Instead of having to answer a bunch of questions over and over, I used JavaScript to create a questionnaire that answers most basic questions before unlocking my resume. For example, is this job 100% remote, and if not, is the office local to me?

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Were you looking for one of my other resume samples?

On my resume, I mention some products that I created as well as what tools I used to create them. For the moment, they are temporarily removed from my website while I get everything situated.

RaggieSoft Book Reader

This is a tool I wrote using C#, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, and MSIcode that houses the works of fiction I create. The Book Reader will be restored once its back end is updated from a broken mismash of css to RaggieSoft Web Template, which powers the website now.

RaggieSoft Presentation Viewer

Presentation Viewer is a tool I created to run on an iPad that assisted with giving presentations in front of a University class while allowing me to overcome a mobility impairment (I could not safely twist my neck to look back at the projection screen to read off of it).

RaggieSoft StoreTrainer

This is a tool I wrote using classic Visual Basic 6.0 inside of WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP so that I could keep my older skills alive. Once the Products section of the website is restored, StoreTrainer will be restored as well.

You would be surprised at how many older machines are still out in the wild.

RaggieSoft Version API

This is a tool that reports version information of Windows executable files. I took it down because it expects the file properties to be written a specific way, and will break if the version data is in the wrong place.

Upon request, watermarked sample code can be provided.