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The recruiter questionnaire is my attempt at writing a JavaScript and PHP application that interacts with a provider’s API to tell a potential recruiter what I am looking for in a job. If the recruiter successfully answers my questions, the RaggieSoft Hire platform will make API calls to Calendly to allow the recruiter to schedule a meeting time with me, before returning to the Hire Platform. This allows for the following interactions to no longer be needed

Issue How I resolve it
This job is located in (city name here). I’m open to 100% remote work. For hybrid and in-office jobs, is the office located in or near Norfolk, Virginia?
This job requires a clearance The questionnaire will ask if the job either
  • Does not need a clearance
  • Offers to pay for the background check
  • Requires that I already have a clearance
What is my salary requirements? The questionnaire asks you what the salary range is, and compares it with a salary that I would be comfortable with
These are the skills for the job I list my skillset. I am always open to on-the-job training
Answering the questions to my satisfaction will allow you to view my resume as well as schedule an interview with me

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